Berlin 30 March 1979 audience recording

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Berlin 30 March 1979 audience recording

Postby lurid_uk on 07 Apr 2008, 16:41

Lou Reed Berlin 30 March 1979 audience recording

30 March 1979

track 01: Sweet Jane 6.19
track 02: I'll Be Your Mirror 4.07
track 03: Coney Island Baby 10.17
track 04: Waiting For My Man 25.41
track 05: Perfect Day 11.07
track 06: Looking For Love 6.44
track 07: Berlin 7.05
track 08: Men Of Good Fortune 5.59
track 09: Caroline Says 2 4.53
track 10: The Kids 4.11
track 11: The Bed 5.03
track 12: Sad Song 6.00
track 13: Street Hassle 12.50
track 14: Walk On The Wild Side/Rock And Roll/You Keep Me Hanging On 20.40

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Charles (Chuck) Hammer: Roland guitar synthesiser
Ellard (Moose) Bowles: bass
Michael Suchorsky: drums
Stewart Heinrich: guitar
Marty Fogel: sax, wind instruments

tracks 1 - 8: silver CD - (EAC) - wav - flac (level 8) - you
tracks 9 - 14: vinyl LP - (WavePad) - wav - flac (level 8) - you

original recording engineer unknown
tracks 9 - 14 transferred to wav by lurid_uk April 2008
uploaded to Dime by lurid_uk April 2008

"The Bells" European Tour 1979

March 27: Concerthaus, Stockholm
March 28: Falkoncentrum, Copenhagen
March 29: Kongresscentre, Hamburg
March 30: Eisporthalle, Berlin
April 01: Philipshalle, Dusseldorf
April 02: Pavillion, Paris
April 04: Mozarthalle, Mannheim
April 05: Liedhalle, Stuttgart
April 06, Stadthalle, Offenbach
April 07: Festhalle, Basle
April 08: Circus Krone, Munich (cancelled?)
April 10: Hammersmith Odeon, London
April 12: National Stadium, Dublin

Tracks 1 to 8 were ripped from the bootleg CD "Berlin Part 1" on Golden Stars WPCD 1064 which I think was an Italian "copyright protection gap" semi-legal issue from 1991. It sounds as if it's been taken from a tape source.
Tracks 9 to 14 were lifted from sides 4, 5 and 6 of the bootleg 3LP vinyl set "Please Come Back, Lou" on Chamelion Records 0016/0017/0018. My copy is 179/300. There are a few clicks and pops on these tracks - it was never a great pressing in the first place and there are a couple of marks on my vinyl. I didn't try to clean it up at all, other than to fix a jump on side 6. I don't have a fancy upmarket turntable - just my old trusty "car boot sale" special.

What a long version of "Waiting For The Man" - maybe the longest ever? This set is missing "The Bells" - it was not included on the 3LP set, presuambly because of space limitations. It DOES appear on the "Berlin Part 2" bootleg CD but I dont have a copy of that to hand.

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